Maximising the value of incredible content

Maximising the value of incredible content

Project Syndicate


May 2020

PS have a clear purpose, to give the world access to its greatest minds.
By working with the greatest thinkers of our time, they create written content and syndicate it to news networks around the globe – using the revenue this creates they distribute the content to those outlets that cannot afford it.

It’s a win for the writers. A win for PS. And a win for humanity. A brilliant idea!

But getting a fair price for their incredible content is becoming a greater and greater challenge – media outlets around the world are struggling. Consequently, revenue is on the slide.

So like many organisations, PS had to adapt. And what began as an experiment, a simple pilot, turned into a something we perhaps dreamt of, but would hardly dare believe.

PS invested in a one off, high end, annual forecast of the events likely to make the news in the year ahead. Future thinkers, leading economists and the sharpest political minds, all contributed. 

Perhaps not remarkably, it got the attention of the organisers at Davos and before you knew it, it was in front of all the delegates. An incredible achievement.

For this publication to have been a one off would have been a travesty. So over the past three years we have worked with PS, building, developing and nurturing the design of all their publications. 

An annual tome, is now supported by special quarterly issues which explore the big interests of the day, like technology and sustainability. In a further escalation, the latest of which was distributed by the Wall Street Journal.

It’s a dream to work on, a joy to be part of and most importantly, PS have a sustainable business model which enables them to deliver their purpose.

Special issue: Sustainability comes of age

The latest scientific findings show that climate change is already wreaking havoc not just on vulnerable ecosystems and communities, but also on global supply chains, critical infrastructure, commodity, labor, and insurance markets around the world. 

For businesses and investors, then, tackling climate change can no longer fall under ‘corporate social responsibility.’ It has become a bottom-line issue, and the successful companies of the future will be those equipped to grapple with its complexities and navigate the intersection of public policy, technology, and markets.

For this issue PS partnered with Dow Jones, explaining how companies can reorient their business models to highlight the market opportunities awaiting those who embrace the challenge.

What started as a months-long project with limited scope has become an invaluable years-long partnership… which is all to say that I can’t recommend Texture highly enough.

Jonathan Hoffman
Chief Operating Officer

Special issue: Beyond the Techlash

After years of growing suspicion toward the latest wave of digital technologies, Beyond the Techlash brings together economists, technologists, policymakers, and business leaders to consider how the lost promise of twenty-first-century innovation can be reclaimed.


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