A campaign to spark action

A campaign to spark action

University of Birmingham

Campaign strategy / Campaign identity

October 2019

The University of Birmingham needed a campaign identity for their new £400 million fundraising campaign. A complex and wider reaching brief, our challenge was to find focus in the wide range of projects the university was seeking to fund and their variety of ask – donations of time or money.

We needed to create a strategy and identity that would allow for longevity, and flexibility. A strategy focussed on ‘transforming lives for our generation and the next’ gave a youth orientated focus. And a ‘crowd funding’ approach online, asking alumni what issues they cared about, made the wide range of projects and asks, a positive aspect of the project.

Texture have delivered an identity that has brought our whole university together. Everyone feels ownership over it – partly because it’s so simple, yet so flexible

Claire O’Sullivan
Associate Director (Global Engagement)

The core idea ‘Birmingham in Action’ utilises the ‘in’ in Birmingham to bring to life various aspects of the campaign. From Birmingham in Cancer, to Birmingham in the treetops, to Birmingham in mind. Or even, join in Birmingham. Using a typeface reminiscent of University, and a simple colour palette of black and orange, the identity allows imagery and film from the fascinating projects to shout louder.

More information about how to contribute to the Birmingham In Action campaign can be found at www.birmingham.ac.uk/action.

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