Helping small businesses protect themselves from copycats

Helping small businesses protect themselves from copycats

Brand Identity

January 2019

Global enterprise Clarivate Analytics seeked to launch their new digital product ‘’ to small and medium size business owners in the US.

We recognised that this audience were closer to a consumer audience in their communication needs than a multi-departmental business. These are tattoo parlour owners, or small tech startups, or kitchen table cake makers. To them, trademarking felt like a legal process that was expensive and intimidating. This campaign needed to wake them up to an issue they’re actively avoiding.

Our core idea: ‘Copycats are lurking’, balanced the seriousness of the threat, with a light-hearted, bold illustration and animation style. The challenge was in bringing out a range of emotions within the cats using the eyes as a means to convey expression. From fear, to sneakiness, to shock, to concern, the ‘copycat’ character reflects the emotions the audience will likely feel. Underplayed humour and language played a critical role in setting up the various scenarios.

In a market place that is traditionally not known for pushing creative boundaries, we needed to create attention, and change expectations. While the implications of not trademarking your brand were incredibly serious, we didn’t want to scare our audience. Copycats are lurking implies that seriousness, but in a way that makes life easier and better for everyone.

The campaign included website, digital and print campaign, plus internal launch collateral.


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