Moving society

Moving society

National Autistic Society

Brand strategy + identity

July 2023

As a lifelong developmental disability, autism affects how people communicate and interact with the world. The National Autistic Society (NAS) heard from autistic people and their families that their challenges were being amplified by a society that isn’t designed to meet their needs.

NAS worked with autistic people to define what an autism friendly world could look like, and created an ambitious vision for change. With a new organisational strategy, and purpose statement: ‘to create a society that works for autistic people’ they recognised the need for a brand that can drive this ambition forward.

After a full pitch process, Texture were recruited to deliver a new brand strategy and refreshed visual identity. Collaborating closely with audience insight agency, Eden Stanley.

With a brand idea: Moving Society at their heart of the new strategy. We created a brand story and messaging that defined their need for more than the daily support the charity brings: an ambition that’s bigger, broader and braver.

Ultimately their goal is to transform society and build acceptance and respect for all autistic people. Standing alongside autistic people and inspiring them to maximise their own power in shaping change.

With recognition that to achieve this big goal, the charity needed to go broader: to move all of society to view autism differently. To lead a transformation in all of us. And build a supportive community that grows and grows until everyone understands.